Becca Barnes – based in Sheffield, England


About My Two Black Dogs

I’m mumsy, full of advice and love learning about how people live their lives.

Maybe like us, you’ve dabbled in foods, hobbies, travel – leading an eclectic life. Unlike some other stricter places on the web, we don’t define ourselves by one life label. Everydays can be messy, imperfect and wonderful! We’re just trying to live well.

Being honest about what we like and do. Accepting who we and other people are. Living a happy life and bettering ourselves.

Here you will learn and be inspired. You will not be judged. You will (probably) not try every idea. And of course, you are most welcome. I share many of the values found in Danish living – simplicity, belonging and comfort – and like to apply these to a genuinely normal everyday world.


About Me

I started My Two Black Dogs when I was diagnosed with depression, also known as the black dog. When off sick, I came back to my roots and desperately wanted a pet in our home. That’s when we got Poppy the cockapoo, who has been with me as I have recovered.

Many of these posts represent my journey recovering from mental illness, learning to live well and falling in love with the city of Sheffield all over again. Each day is a little happier and healthier and the future is looking bright.

My black dog was huge for a while and although smaller, it may never go away. Now, I hope to keep it as a teeny pocket sized version, so I can enjoy life with my partner and focus more on the real pup.


About Becca Barnes, Depression and My Two Black Dogs