Donating hair and unlocking the new me

Donating hair for wigs - Becca Barnes from My Two Black Dogs holding plaits of cut hair

It was a couple of months ago that I decided to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust. I am turning my “depression hair” that touched my lower back, into a donation for creating wigs for poorly children. Besides the fact that well, kids charity duh, it makes sense to give away something as simple as these lifeless lumps of keratin. In my case, there was no love with my sweltering neck blanket anymore and I could’t wait to get it chopped off.

The trust ask that you donate at least 7 inches of hair. I wanted to aim higher! 12 inches of hair can be used to make longer wigs for children and not long after the decision to donate it hit this length. Being a careful person, I left it a little longer… making sure our tape measure wasn’t broken!

The #HairToSpare Challege is being documented across social media and is awesome. So I have been blessed with fast growing and healthy hair, but of course donating hair might not be for you. Sharing the word about the charity or donating money to the cause are just as important! You can join the #NoHairToSpare camp and be supportive in other ways.

Many thanks to Hair Kandi on West Street in Sheffield for being so cheerful about the whole thing! However we started in the Cavendish – making a date of the chop – and shared a tray of food which we covered in BBQ sauce.

Donating Hair Trio The Cavendish Food

Sam at Hair Kandi was amazing and completely on board with the idea of donating hair. He said that when someone’s requesting a big cut, he’ll offer to cut it like below, for donating, if they would like. Love him, please can we hair more hair stylists stopping waste please?

Donating Hair Duo in Chair


With super long hair like mine, several plaits are better. Tight elastic bands rather than hair ties keep it all held tight even when it’s cut off. I’d been so excited all morning about finally getting this done that it hadn’t occurred to me to be nervous, though Sam was great and triple checked if I was sure before hacking with his scissors!

My face in this next picture is my favourite… SO MUCH HAIR


Donating hair for wigs - Becca Barnes from My Two Black Dogs holding plaits of cut hair

There was the intermediary stage above, which shows the hair roughly chopped and how much came off with those plaits. 14 inches, ladies and gents! My head feels a whole lot lighter now.

There was about another inch or two that came off as part of the styling process – wanting to have my hair short for years, I finally went for it! Worrying it’d make my face look pudgy was ridiculous… wish I’d done it ages ago now.




This is the mandatory before and after:

Before and After Donating Hair

It is CRAZY how different it is! Several of the other stylists puffed when the saw the change… don’t think it happens often in somewhere as stylish as Hair Kandi. (They literally have a live DJ playing on Saturday afternoons)

With 7 inches being the shortest length of hair you can donate, it’s so worth waiting a couple of extra months and donating your hair for a wig.

Weirdly, my two plaits are now in a zip up food bag… Popped in a padded envelope, they’ll be posted off like anything else. The lack of glamour in posting definitely serves as a reminder that hair is just hair (when you have it). You can read more about the process for donating hair to the Little Princess Trust here.

Depression can take away so much from you and self care is one of them. Slowly the recovery is happening and Rob and the rest of my family can see the changes that I can’t sometimes.

OK, so it isn’t quite “unlocking a new me” – I wish mental health worked that way, but this one change feels real and tactile. One haircut helping two people with their self esteem.


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  1. Fiona Lucas

    So proud of you! You look beautiful with you new swishy hair style , love it! Xxx

    • Becca Post author

      Thank you so much for your support Fiona – I love the new hairstyle (it dries quickly!) and I keep getting compliments! xxx

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