20-something living in Sheffield, Yorkshire. A geeky type living with depression and a proud dog parent. Hoping to help you navigate your 20's and 30's with grace, happiness and a few pennies left in your pocket


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  1. Jocelyn @

    How cute! I love them all, haha! Especially the coat and rain boots 🙂 Perfect considering the season we’re in 😉

  2. The Healthy Epicurean

    Some great gifts here, which is very useful because I have a lot of dog-mad friends. I particularly like the idea of giving to dog charities… 🙂

  3. Katja Knox

    Dog fashionables! Oh my days! I know what I want for Christmas now ? thanks for sharing these great finds hun ?
    Katja xxx

  4. Hey Sharonoox

    This is a really nice post. Unfortunately I don’t own a dog now but would love to have a rottweiler someday. My fave would be the bag, it is so cute!

  5. Margot Guilbert

    That’s interesting, we call dogtooth print, “pied-de-poule” in french, meaning chicken-foot! Well I glad I learnt that!
    xo, Margot

  6. xoxokleeblog

    I don’t have dogs but oh my GOSH, I love those boots! LOL. This list was super cute!

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