Pick of the Twinings Summer Sale 2016

My Two Black Dogs - Twinings Sale - Cup of tea with sugar and lemon

I read a lot of mental health blogs and tweets from people who discuss their self care – and we all seem to have something in common. Tea. We all love tea. Think about the next cup of tea. Some people like to draw pictures of them drinking it.

So to take advantage of the summer sales, step back and have a think about what will last this season and the next (the hint here: it’s tea) – while I walk you through my budget top picks from the Twinings Tea summer sale… (Because who has money anymore? And why pay full price!)

So friends, this is how to drink tea properly.

The Loveramics Weave Glass Teapot

This scandi style teapot has a gorgeous porcelein infuser. I am a sucker for simple design and simple materials. This not only would brew a wonderful cup of Earl Grey but would make me incrediby happy every time I used it!

(Honestly, it was tweeting about this piece that inspired this whole post!)My Two Black Dogs - Twinings Summer Sale Loveramics Weave Teapot

The Broste Modern Mugs

Speaking of making me happy… my two Broste Copenhagen mugs are my favourite at home. They are however a little on the small side, whereas these mugs in grey and purple are a perfect size. It’s a hard life when you have a cuppa by the bucket.

my-two-black-dogs-twinings-summer-sale-broste-purple-morning-mug my-two-black-dogs-twinings-summer-sale-broste-grey-modern-mug


The Loveramics Petal Large Teapot

If you’re someone who prefers their tea party to be floral and full of chintz, then you may like this alternative Loveramics teapot with it’s curvy sihouette and delicate purple petals.



Jangneus Red Dala Tea Towel and Dishcloths Set

So, so beautiful! I think the website have this spot on when they say this would make a great gift. I would be really pleased to open this rouge gem on Christmas morning.


And of course, don’t forget to get some actual teabags or loose leaf tea to use with these!

So what will you be lusting over? Let me know if you buy anything from the Twinings Tea Sale or other tea related treats!

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